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Day 1: Successful Teaching Strategies

Kasey Bell: Moving from Static Teaching to Dynamic Learning

Rick Wormeli: 7 Ideas in Standard Based Learning

Tal Thompson: The POWER of Maker and HOW to Implement it into your Classroom

Dr. Katie Novak: 5 Key Takeaways for Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and HOW to Leverage it for Success.

Toney Jackson: Student Voice PLUS Student Agency

Erik Francis: Knowing is Half the Battle -- Teaching and Learning for Depth of Knowledge

Carla Meyrink: Student Written Progress Reports -- How to Harness the POWER Of Reflection

Chuck Poole: 3 Simple Strategies to Implement Student Voice Right Away

Andre Daughty: 4 Ways to Help Students Take Calculated Risks

Dr. Rick Jetter: 3 Ways to Implement Student Voice in Your Classroom

Danny Steele: 3 Great Rules for Classroom Management

Angela Stockman: Overcoming Writing Resistance in the Classroom

Starr Sackstein: Changing the Mindset from Grade-Based to Non Grade-Based Instruction

Rae Hughart: How to Use a Mastery Framework and Motivate Students Through Relevancy

Kristen Nan: Bringing Empathy and Understadning into the Classroom

Marisa E. Thompson: Instruction-Less Teaching -- Co-Creating a Limitless Classroom

Day 2: Teacher Self Care

Angela Watson: 4 Mindsets to Help You Do Fewer Things Better

Adam Welcome: 3 Ways to Stay Balanced and THRIVE Through an Entire School Year

Vanessa Levin: 7 Crucial Teaching Hacks- Ways to Teach Better and Save Time so You Can LIVE More

Dr. Sanee Bell: What it Means to Be Excellent on Purpose (and HOW to make it happen)

Mandy Froehlich: Teacher Health -- How We Can Best Support Each Other So We Can Best Support Our Students

Winnie Sun: Building Wealth and Financial Stability as an Educator

Kim Strobel: The Science of Happiness

LaVonna Roth: 3 Ways to Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E. and Make an Impact

Allyson Apsey: 3 Ways to Find Your Own Path to Serendipity

Barbara Bray: 4 Ways to Define Your Why

Sarah Johnson: How to Have Sustainable Enthusiasm in a School Year

Dan Tricarico: 10 Keys to Self Care

Jessica Johnson: 3 Magic Tips to Keep Work from Consuming Your Life

Tamara Letter: How to Cultivate Kindness in an Unkind World and Make a Difference Every Day

Day 3: Leading as Educators

Ryan Foland: Bears, Generations, and Pauses... Oh My!

Ted Dintersmith: 4 Fundamental Principles That Make Up Remarkable Classrooms and Teachers

Cheyenne Batista: Manage Your Principal... Yep, I Said It!

Don Wettrick: How to Create a Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at EVERY School Level

Evo Hannan: 8 Characteristics of Innovators that Promote Student Growth

Evan Robb: How to Use Time Effectively as an Administrator or Leader

Jam Gamble: 5 Strategies to Help Students Gain the Confidence to Share Their Voice

Michael Cohen: 3 Ways to Infuse Creativity in Your Classroom

Jessica Cabeen: Leading with Grace -- The Soft Skills of Leadership

Connie Hamilton: 3 Mistakes Teachers Make that They Don't Know They are Making

Dr. Sarah Thomas: Tips and Tricks to Build Your Own Personal Learning Network

Todd Nesloney: Tell Your Story -- Specific ways YOU Can Build a Positive Culture in Your Classroom and School

Dr. Sheldon Eakins: 5 Steps Twoard Equity

Dr. Matthew Joseph: 3 Ways to Build Strong Mentoring Relationships

Marlena Gross Taylor: 3 Tips to Branding Like a Startup

Day 4: All About Technology

Dr. Sam Fecich: Finding Your Tech Toolbox, Digital Presence, and Getting Connected

Dr. Monica Burns: 8 Activities to SPARK Creativity in the Classroom

Elisabeth Bostwick: 3 Ways to Engage Students BEFORE Leveraging Technology

Dr. Nicol Howard: Understanding Digital Equity (and a few strategies to get you started)

Jeff Gargas: Utilizing Social Media in Your Classroom with your Students

Dr. Will Deyamport: How to Start Your Own EDU Podcast

Claudio Zavala Jr.: 5 Ways to Engage Students with Adobe Spark

Christine Witcher: Give Feedback that Works: 3 Research Based Strategies

Rachelle Dene Poth: 6 Tech Tools to Immerse Students in Learning with Augmented Virtual Reality

Andrew Arevalo: Igniting Curiosity Through a Game Infused Classroom

Jen Fischer and Suzanne Crowley: 5 Tech Tools to Supercharge Your Student's Reading Experience

Jake Miller: Google Sheets Tips for Teachers

Julie Haden: 3 Strategies for Student Engagement

Day 5: Motivation to Guide You Forward

Matt Miller: 5 Steps to Ditching That Textbook

Dr. Salome Thomas-El: The 4 C's of School Success

Dr. Katie Martin: The Evolving Role of the Educator -- The POWER of What's Possible

Vernon Wright: Make it Plain, Make it Real, Make it Wright: How to Elevate what You Do Every Day

Action Jackson Ogunyemi: How to Instill Growth Mindset in Your Students

Dr. Joe Sanfelippo: How to Amplify the Voices of Students, Colleagues, and Those Around You Daily

Basil Marin: 5 Ways to Teach Excellence Through Equity in the Classroom

CJ Reynolds: How to Build Relationships with your Students in an Authentic Way

Dr. Julie Hasson: How to Create Better Relationships with Challenging Students

Ryan Sheehy: 3 Ways that Every Educator can Be The One for Kids Every Day

Lenny Myers: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Teaching Gets Exhausting 

Leon Logothetis (The Kindness Guy): An Inspiring Word for Teachers on the POWER of Kindness

Jeff Kubiak: How to Embed Kindness into Your School, Classroom, and Culture

Kelisa Wing: A Vision for Equity

Mike Roberts: 5 Things You Can Do to be an Awesome teacher


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